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Someone on my Facebook feed today wrote something that has me perplexed.

She actively posts articles pertaining to her beliefs regarding religion and politics and although we often have different viewpoints our discussion has always been done with cordiality. But a little while ago she wrote that she did not have time to check all the facts on the posts she forwarded. She said there is so much information out there she has to be satisfied with what she thinks is valid. facebook like dislike

The reason she said that is because I had posted, once again, information that showed that what she had posted was not accurate. I actually had not written anything myself, just posted the source.

See, when I read something that appeals to my sense of greed or outrage I IMMEDIATELY try to verify it.

This incident brought to mind something that happened a few years ago.  I knew a women who had a 5th grader who could not add, subtract, multiply or divide. She could read well but not answer questions about the content. She would could not find things to do and had be kept busy with supervision or would just sit and stare. This child was perfectly able to sing all the Justin Beiber songs and had memorized facts about her favorite actresses and singer. Her mom felt there was nothing wrong with this situation. It appeared that mediocrity was acceptable.   Closed-Sign1

It seems to me that there are many people who are similar. The desire for knowledge, for information to analyze seems to be missing.  The ability to analyze facts and think things through is not a common trait. People are accepting everything a talking head may spew without any question because much of it resonates. Others are not even aware there is anything they need to know about current events.  Getting by is good enough. They’re not happy but have no idea why or how to work on changing things because those thinking skills have never been developed. So, they hide with drugs perhaps, to keep from feeling miserable or maybe just “bored”.

Life is too short and offers too many choices to leave them to others. Be involved. Be a thinker.

“I must judge for myself, but how can I judge, how can any man judge, unless his mind has been opened and enlarged by reading.”     – John Adams


Author: GoingPlaces Can-Do Zero Waste

I moved to McMinnville a few years ago and was impressed with its friendliness and the beauty of the surrounding countryside. I write several blogs. GoingPlacesLivingLife is my personal blog related to travel, food and just general thoughts. Can-Do Real Food tells about my business processing local produce from small farms and preserving it by canning and dehydrating. The concept of Zero Waste appeals to me because we can truly reduce what gets tossed into the landfill with very small changes in our lifestyle. Join us.

21 thoughts on “Do You Think?

  1. I also wanna chime in on Milt’s “park your brain” comment. I think there are people that do a good job of analyzing options on topics and STILL hitch their wagons to opinions that seem ridiculous or are considered really politically incorrect. I feel like a lot of those folks get shoved in along with the truly “walking brain dead” because the opinions they settled on are not popular. I feel like people who disagree with a popular opinion are also often labelled as “haters” when that is not always the case.

    Think about what happened to people whose opinions were differnt from politically correct in soviet Russia. Happy Fourth of July.

    • I don;t even have to think about other people. I remember back to when we were moving into the 2nd Gulf War and I said let’s go slow. I was told by many people that we had to “get” Saddam Hussein and stop him from killing all of us. I was told I was not patriotic. In the current mess I am once again not wanting us to go there…..there is nothing for us, the average American, to gain. Oh, the oil people want to go in, no question about it. But my big concern is what the region’s turmoil is going to do to Israel.

  2. This is interesting but, i think the hiding with drugs comment is kinda out of left field. Ive noticed that research is a learned skill but, i also think some people have natural talent for it (like some people are good at math). Seems to me that people who have done good research on a social or religious topic can usually play a convincing “devils advocate” no matter what side they have chosen. I have an intelligent friend whose idea of research is to find a bunch of articles that support what he wants to be true. He never looks into the other side especially on topics he finds distasteful. Mostly he just dosent know how to do it and at this point hes an old dog presented with a new trick. Honestly, i dont think he would ever be good at it because he is what i call a “feeler” and would have a hard time thinking analytically about an opposing opinion. As far as the 5th grader you mentioned, the mom cant teach what she dosent know. Anyway, theres too many social and religious topics to have well researched opinions for everything, sometimes you have to pick a side for the time being. i think the real crime is passing off info as fact on something you havent looked into. As for drugs, they are woven into every facet and culture of society and even though the motives are across the board every addiction starts with one bad decision. If you are truly hiding with drugs then there has to be a situation that you are aware enough of to hide from it.

    • Good points Julie. I know I take the time to read as much as I can in the time I have…so not much. I find the website ProCon.org is very helpful because all they do is provide the basic info with quotes and you still have to do the thinking once you read the positions. I threw in the drugs comment because it has come up in some of the Facebook feeds as “life is too hard” or “life is too boring”, which I know you are now laughing at. Life is what you make it.

  3. I so so agree with you on this!!

  4. GREAT blog!! This happens so very often. And it is sometimes hard to determine the truth when “googling” the answer. Critical thinking is not very common these days, and is it not being taught in schools, even colleges with the exception on the political science degrees. To be honest (since I am one of those students) it is the only truly valuable piece of the degree… in my humble opinion. That and the history value:)


    • Critical thinking can be taught at home as you teach your 3-year-old to decide between 3 pairs of shoes. Your 5-year-old choices at a restaurant when he knows he likes more than 1 thing. Your 10-year-old when it it time to go clothes shopping on a budget for the start of the school year. Consequences of decisions need to be discussed. Study habits need to be taught. Homework needs to be reviewed for accuracy. Doing one’s best needs to be the standard. Does it happen all the time…no! Will it ever happen if mediocrity is accepted-hell no!

  5. Funny thing about your John Adams quote. I just read Abigail’s biographical book (using many direct quotes from her letters). She did not strike me as a very open minded sort of individual until she reached her later years. To her credit she did believe in and support education for women. Way ahead of her time. Seems we’re slipping backward in so many ways.

  6. Some people, including a certain person I am looking at across the living room are just not deep thinkers or communicators. Intelligent? yes. Sweet and kind? yes. Educated? Very well educated! However… lacking in the desire to have discussion about the world around him unless it entails gears and motor. Period. There’s nothing he does not know – but at the same time – nothing he cares to share with others. He’s 100% aware of everything and well versed in many matters but won’t respond nor discuss it. He just doesn’t like interaction with people. Love him ❤ I interact enough for both of us! lol!!!

    • I have known similar people myself. They see a venue like Facebook as a waste of time, and it can be. But I truly think that if someone is going to publicly support something they should know what it is. Not just endorse it without checking.

  7. Unfortunately, some people (particularly in religion and politics) “park” their brain somewhere and soak up every bit of flim-flams, conspiracy theories, and garbage cast in their direction. And, to further complicate their situation, they never pick up their brain and allow it to analyze, sift through, or consider options! They are content, I suppose. To me, they are the walking brain dead! Thanks for this article, Beth. It is truly an important contribution.

    • It is hard to understand how people can be Pro-Life and then not care about the kids that need help to become functioning adult members of society. It is hard to understand how people can complain about how the government is wasting our tax dollars but they are not involved even on a local level where it is easy to see the difference you can make. It is so very easy to complain…..few people actually dig in a do something. My post is not much better, Milt…as I am voicing my frustration. I have used the statement “if it appeals to your sense of outrage or greed, research it before you post” so many times. To be told today that I obviously have more time on my hands was pretty humorous. You know how my life is better than most. And you also know that running a websearch takes less than 10 minutes to check several sources and verify.

  8. Some people just like to walk through life sleeping……..

  9. Oy 😉

  10. Nicely said. Especially in such a polarized world.

    Take good care – iPhone Helen

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