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So Easy to Hate


We hated the Jews because they killed Christ, or so we were taught, and so they were forced to convert or killed. Or just killed. Or rounded up into ghettos and then killed.  Here in the United States we restricted them from universities, medical schools and social clubs.

We hated the Irish because they were all alcoholics and took low paying jobs, so proved they were not worthy of respect. no irish

We hated the Blacks because they dared to rise up out of the slavery and subservience we had placed them. We believed they were stupid and unable to achieve anything.

We hated the Native Americans because they had the land we wanted. So we tried to kill them off with smallpox and shuffled them to undesirable land on to reservations.Genocide-Slavery

The list goes on and on.  Latinos, Japenese, you name it, it seems if you are not a white anglo-saxon protestant conservative, you have a group of people en mass that you can hate.

Now we hate all Muslims because of the terrorists attack on 9/11 and the horrific activity of ISIS. hate muslims

There are good people and bad people in any group. In any religion. In any nationality.

When the astronauts traveled into space, there was one comment they almost all had: from space there are no lines demarcating where one country ends and begins. We are all on one small green and blue ball. earth from space

We can have plenty to put our energies towards. We can hate poverty. We can hate ignorance. We can hate the way so many people just seem to be floating through their lives with no effort to help improve it. We can hate the fact that our planet is being poisoned. We can hate the indifference of people to do anything more than bitch.

What do you hate? What are you doing about it?



Author: GoingPlaces Can-Do Zero Waste

I moved to McMinnville a few years ago and was impressed with its friendliness and the beauty of the surrounding countryside. I write several blogs. GoingPlacesLivingLife is my personal blog related to travel, food and just general thoughts. Can-Do Real Food tells about my business processing local produce from small farms and preserving it by canning and dehydrating. The concept of Zero Waste appeals to me because we can truly reduce what gets tossed into the landfill with very small changes in our lifestyle. Join us.

3 thoughts on “So Easy to Hate

  1. I hate sin. And while I’m at it, I hate pedophilia, rape, torture, murder and worshiping false gods. That’s all I have to say about this topic.

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