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Success Is Not a Straight Line

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Years ago, when I was young and considerably more foolish than I am now, I asked a man what his goal in life was.  He told me he wanted to be rich. He could not define what amount of money would make him feel rich nor could he tell me any plan he had to achieve that vague concept. I asked him how he expected to get there and he actually felt it would just happen. The stars would align or something. Maybe his good looks.   So, 30 years later, he still is not “rich” and he is very angry with the way his life has turned out. planning future

Most people never have a plan. They may have a vague idea…someday I want to drive a nice car. They have no concept of actually how to achieve that; how to save money or how to even get a job if they don’t have one.

warning-challenges-ahead-231x299Some people do have plans. And they research them carefully.  And they implement them cautiously. And something happens unexpected which requires them to reassess the situation.

consequences1When each of us makes a decision…..or when we fail to make a decision…..we set forward on a pathway that will have consequences.  Some will be pleasant and some may be unpleasant.

The only way to move back to the pathway of the original goal is to admit responsibility and make a new plan.  Nothing, no hoped for Fairy Godmother, will magically fix the situation.

By the way, that character at the beginning….he asked me what my life goal was and I responded I wanted to be happy. He thought my goal was also unachievable.  I respectfully disagree.  Being happy is not a continuous state of elation. For me, it is an attitude about the challenges ahead of me, the people surrounding me, and the analysis of my pathway that brought me to this here and now. Only with all components can I look forward to the adventure each new dawn brings.




Author: GoingPlaces Can-Do Zero Waste

I moved to McMinnville a few years ago and was impressed with its friendliness and the beauty of the surrounding countryside. I write several blogs. GoingPlacesLivingLife is my personal blog related to travel, food and just general thoughts. Can-Do Real Food tells about my business processing local produce from small farms and preserving it by canning and dehydrating. The concept of Zero Waste appeals to me because we can truly reduce what gets tossed into the landfill with very small changes in our lifestyle. Join us.

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