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Facts Be Damned…You Know How You Feel


We are in for a real roller coaster ride the next 18 months….and I hate roller coasters. I do NOT like the feeling of my stomach up in my throat.  I also do not like what I am seeing at this point….knowing it will get even uglier in the months to come.roller coaster

A lot of people like Donald Trump because “he speaks his mind.” In general, speaking out against something that is wrong is an important action. However, there seems to be no analysis by those Trump admirers about the things he say that they do NOT agree with….like lusting for his daughter’s body.  It’s as if they admit he is foolish to speak about something they would then have to start thinking about his decision making about everything.  There also seems to be no willingness to discuss that a leader needs to be somewhat careful with the words he chooses to use, especially when trying to come to some agreement with someone he does not personally like. And Presidents have to do that.wpid-plato-picture-quoteSome people say they admire Ted Cruz, even though he discounts the civil rights of women. It is also true that all I have heard support him are men. But women are half the population. So the President needs to consider all the people.

I have heard people continue to focus on Bengazi whenever Hillary Clinton is mentioned, even if the issue being discussed has no relevance to Bengazi. Even though Republican Congressional investigation could not find any malfeasance. These people know what they feel; the truth is not important. And a President needs to balance the public need to know, the Congressional actions that support or detract, and overall leadership.number-of-congressional-committeess-to-investigate-benghazi

And others keep bringing up communism and how awful it is, as their way to discredit Bernie Sanders. None of these people join in any attempt to share the facts of democratic socialism. They were raised to hate communism and they do not want that. Understood, and I agree. But Bernie Sanders is not a communist nor is he pushing any concepts that would lead a thinking person to believe he is. A President that speaks to needs of most of the population, not just the wealthy, is rare. DemocraticSocialismPeople I know who are definitely NOT in the top 1% of income in this country argue that the wealthy deserve their money. They also say the poor are sucking the Federal budget dry. They never respond to information about the amount of federal spending for public assistance compared to the amount provided as business incentives to corporations that have moved much of their business offshore and enjoy lots of tax loopholes.wealth-divide

People are angry. I understand that. What I don’t understand is the desire to stay uninformed. Unwilling to read full articles and not just headlines.  Eagerness to spread innuendo and untruths because it speaks to some emotion of their own that got massaged.

People, if a message causes you to have a sense of greed or a sense of anger, distrust it. Take a few minutes and do some personal verification from a wide range of news sources…not all conservative nor all liberal in viewpoint.

And if your source of information is not dated, if it does not include the five basic elements of news reporting (who, what, when, why and how)  it is an editorial, not a news article.few factsUse your brain please. Do not sell your country short because you “know how you feel and do not need the facts.”brain-is-like-a-muscle-carl-sagan







Author: GoingPlaces Can-Do Zero Waste

I moved to McMinnville a few years ago and was impressed with its friendliness and the beauty of the surrounding countryside. I write several blogs. GoingPlacesLivingLife is my personal blog related to travel, food and just general thoughts. Can-Do Real Food tells about my business processing local produce from small farms and preserving it by canning and dehydrating. The concept of Zero Waste appeals to me because we can truly reduce what gets tossed into the landfill with very small changes in our lifestyle. Join us.

8 thoughts on “Facts Be Damned…You Know How You Feel

  1. I’m with you–a voice of reason!

    • Thanks…..I have a few friends who are conservative who are just as interested in why I think the way I do as I am about them. While we are not overtly trying to “convert” the other, I hope some of my questions to them may begin to erode their rationale. I also think they feel the same way about me. LOL

  2. You’re encouraging people to think critically and listen to their emotions regarding the media they consume. I think this is hard if people are not taught how to listen to themselves and are not taught to read between the lines of new media.

    • What annoyed me is the last 2 days two separate people told me they don’t care about facts, they know how they feel and no facts will get int he way of convincing them otherwise. In other words, they are reacting to how their strings have been pulled. We all do that but I urge people to overcome it with independent research. Few take the time.

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