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Not a Good Choice

Election Day is Tuesday and I think most people are in one of three camps:

1-They have taken the time to read about the candidates. They may even have someone they like so much they volunteered a bit on the campaign. They made sure to vote early or will be in line at the polls early in the day. For a MidTerm election, this is about 10% of the population.I VOTE

2-They will vote but they are angry. They feel there really is no benefit to them for either candidate in the biggest election. They don’t know much, if anything, about other issues, including ones in their own town. They may vote for every position on the ballot without knowing anything about the candidates. This is about 30% of the population.

3- They won’t bother to vote. They believe it is all a waste of time. They get very angry whenever anyone asks their opinion about anything because they really have not formed one. They are just angry. This is about 60% of the population.votea

Yup, most people not only won’t vote but they feel they have a right to be angry about the government/country/schools/roads/business regulations/you name it they are pissed about it.

I personally think if you are not part of the cure, you are part of the problem. If you did not get educated about the candidates, if you did not help one you like get elected, if you didn’t even bother to vote, your voice was silenced by your inaction, by your apathy, by your own choice.  vote


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The Right To Know

Two states have tried to pass public referenda on the issue to label food that contains genetically engineered ingredients.  Both California and Washington State failed to pass their attempts at labeling, but the votes are getting closer and closer as fewer residents get confused by the big money thrown at them by the GMO proponents.  This November voters in both Oregon and Colorado will deciding if they want food available in the grocery store to be labeled if any ingredients have been genetically modified.top_ten_genetically_modified_foods

You may be unaware that much of the food you have been eating since the the late 1990s have genetic modifications. Some of those are to permit herbicides and pesticides to be sprayed on what you will eat without harming the food as it grows. There are health issues that have increased since that time and because testing is blocked, there is only circumstantial evidence that these new chemicals in our food are the cause.     The government has run no tests on these foods, saying the companies who produced the modifications to the original food should do it, but testing is not required.  Many countries around the world do not permit foods with genetic modifications to be sold.  GMO lab results

There is a huge group of companies that are fighting the referendum, saying everything is safe.The big players arguing against it are involved in the production of the seeds or the grocery store trade association.  They do not want the referendum in Oregon and Colorado to pass because it would mean they would need to label food with genetically enhanced ingredients and once they identify this, they are afraid of a loss of income.

They have begun to pour millions and millions of dollars into advertising to convince voters it is a bad idea. The main argument is that any change in labeling will cause the price of the food to increase “by hundreds of dollars a year.”  What they don’t say is how often they already change labels.

This is just one example of how a food company changes packaging with no change in pricing.

This is just one example of how a food company changes packaging with no change in pricing.

The side fighting the labeling is pouring millions of dollars into both Oregon and Colorado to try to block the referendum. They are concerned that the consumers’ right to know what they are eating will affect their profits.

No matter how you personally feel about GMOs in your food, labeling should not be a problem for you. The public’s need to know about chemicals in the food has been approved again and again for other items. The food labels just got revised again to make serving sizes easier to read, in the hopes people will stick to them. For health reasons, many people want to avoid this unproven technology.

What’s in YOUR dinner tonight?GMO LetMeDecide


Too Many Inconsistencies Making Cents Only, not Sense

This recent Supreme Court decision to rule in favor of Hobby Lobby limiting their employee’s medical insurance based on religious grounds opened up a lot of gray area. Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg expressed her concern and sure enough, before the week is out we are hearing about more corporations climbing on board this decision. One apparently wants to not offer ANY birth control to employees on religious grounds now, even though they have been for years.

I am not a legal scholar and so, can not manage to wade through the briefs without my eyes crossing. Perhaps someone who is a lawyer can explain the ethical grounds that apply now to this standing by the corporation that did not exist with the group insurance policy prior to the Affordable Care  Act? Since that policy offered all the same forms of birth control, why was there no issue then?

Some people are asking why Hobby Lobby sells products made in China, where abortion is much more common to end pregnancies than here. I understand that; it is the company’s profit margin. You like to shop there for the same reason. The stuff is pretty inexpensive. So you are not considering the ethical issues of your financial support. Maybe you should.ethics depends

But I do think there is a reason to question why Hobby Lobby’s retirement accounts are invested in funds that include the very pharmaceuticals they are now decrying. I know they are investments that are strong with profits and growth. But is that moral? Or does a company that has set a standard for high ethics need to be consistent?

Or is the Almighty Dollar the one that is more important?Ethical-bank

And don’t tell me that not everyone looks at what is in their retirement fund. I worked for an investment adviser so I know you are all supposed to read the prospectus. If you chose not to, you are relinquishing control over YOUR money. Is that what you like to do?

And one more question…these arguments by the people who so firmly believe that life begins at conception……how can you explain that a corporation, a legal form of organization, is a person? No heart. No soul. I feel an inconsistency here also.

Unless, once again, the Almighty Dollar is the most important and you use any means to seek out whatever loopholes can be found. It is the law, so it is okay?  At least as long as you agree with it?

Is that ethical?inconsistency