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On Our Way: 2 days on the road

After a delay because of the moving van loading later than expected….and taking longer than expected….we did not leave on August 31 as planned but on September 1.  We spent our first evening visiting with cousins in St. Louis. It was the easiest driving I have ever had through that city because of the Sunday traffic. st louisa

The second day is one of our longest planned drives. We left around 7:30 and finally pulled into our planned stop in Colby, Kansas 12 hours later. But we enjoyed lunch in Kansas City with a woman who lived in my neighborhood back in New Jersey. Although I did not know her then we have connected through the neighborhood group and I am happy that Bernie Kitzpatrick is now a real friend.lunch in Kansas City

Into Kansas we enjoyed the rolling Flint Hills,DSCF5495 and later passed through a massive wind farm. KS wind farm

In interesting contrast a few of the farms that could be seen from I-70 still had working old wind turbines.KS wind farmab

On the domestic front, the cat is a great traveler and has decided she likes the soft-sided carry case to lie in even while in the car

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Roller Coasters

I have never enjoyed roller coasters. Oh, I’ve gone on them in my past even when I knew I get ill. Sometimes because I was shamed by the people who supposedly cared about me. A few times to take my kids because there was no other adult around.  But no way, no how am I ever willingly getting on a roller coaster again.ROLLERCOASTER

However, life sometimes puts our pathway on one. And all I can do then, like now, is hang on, remember to breathe slowly and believe very firmly that I will be safe and sound with my feet on the ground again very soon.

fr rentThis move to Oregon has been well planned.  We even flew out earlier this summer for the specific purpose of locating a rental, even though it meant we would end up paying an extra month just to hold the property for us.

Our first concern was that the prices of real estate are significantly higher than what we have become used to here in West Virginia. Added to that the concern of no more paychecks by Graham, recently retired, I promised I would get a job to cover the cost of rent when we get out there. And there do seem to be jobs. And we were happy to find a place that was charging under $1000 a month and wrote a check for the first and last months and a security deposit.

It would have been nice if he had had a sign.

It would have been nice if he had had a sign.

Home again in West Virginia and then I was on the road with Sam to drive with him up to University of Vermont. Graham was checking the Oregonian, the Portland newspaper on line when he read that the house we had rented had been rented to at least 8 other people. The guy, who didn’t even own the place, had scammed us.

Well, the police were ecstatic that we had written a check. Everyone else gave the guy cash apparently. So he has been arrested and has been sitting in the slammer for all this time.

Meanwhile, we realized we are homeless. We reached out to the people we had met at St. Barnabas, the Episcopal church in McMinnville, and within a couple of days we not only had a new rental (much nicer than the first) but also a temporary place to stay until the moving truck gets there.

Now, the ride on this roller coaster seemed to be calming down…..but no. The moving company requested us to delay a week. And when we agreed, saying it was the last possible day, they had it all arranged. And now, three days before the truck is supposed to get here to load, we received a call about another delay.movers

I said nope, not going to happen. The “last possible day” was exactly that.  I told them to do whatever they needed to do but I expect the truck here as promised this Friday.  I got a call back about four hours later that Friday is set.

Want to bet on it?