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Two Cents

Probably all this will be worth, but maybe someone will find a kernel of greater value.2cents

We gain baggage over the years. The first suitcase is packed in our childhood home and sometimes, by the time we leave to be on our own, it is pretty tattered. Woman-with-emotional-baggage

We have relationships that fail and new baggage is added. We build friendships that slip away, pets that die. Our pains increase and our baggage grows.

Some of the baggage is self-induced. We develop ideas, many of them quite grand, of what we want in life. Few of us know how to plan the pathway to achieve those goals and so, most of us have disappointments.  Whether it is to be “rich” or “beautiful” or “popular” or whatever, without a plan, success is unlikely.  There are many bitter, angry people who struggle through life, seeming to not be able to feel pleasure in their situation. More baggage.Emotional-Baggage1

And yet others, who are living with hardship, seem to have an uplifted spirit. They have difficulties but seem to deal with them. Less baggage.  So, how do some people rise above all that and seem to carry less burdens?

Think of the people you know who seem to have their act together. Start with an assumption that their private face may very well be a bit more stressed than their public face, but that is still a good start. Observe and if they are close friends, ask.

Perhaps they can give you some piece of advice, worth more than two cents.

What I wanted to suggest was that when you are choosing friends, whether it is BFF type or share a life type, consider the baggage they carry. Understand that there is value in all kinds of people in your life, that insight from a viewpoint considerably different from yours may provide a pearl of wisdom that you might not be able to find on your own. But, for the most part, you will do better in your life if your companions are not angry, bitter people who don’t take responsibility for their own actions and decisions.

Just my two cents.2 centsa