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Figured It Out

Most people jump on the Resolution bandwagon for January 1st. I know, from plenty of experience, that my New Year’s decisions may last a few months at best. But there have been a few that have worked.

Generally, first I need to recognize I would be better off doing something that could become a healthier routine. Deciding I need to lose weight as a vague concept has not worked. The decision HAS to be more reachable than that for me.

About 20 years ago, for example, in the middle of kids-in-elementary-school-and-a-partner-whose-standard-of-what-was-acceptable-as-clean-was-lower-than-mine I was beginning to feel overwhelmed by the state of my kitchen. Counters were cluttered.  Stuff in drawers and cabinets were jumbled. cleaning-house-clipart3

So that year I spent 10 more minutes in the after supper clean-up. I straightened ONE drawer one day and wiped it clean the next. Small steps. I could fit them in.

By the end of the year it was a better habit. Not full time and not constant, but definitely something that I was able to change.

So today, as my husband and I spent about an hour cleaning, it occurred to me that I am starting a real business this year where I will be in a commercial kitchen preparing food for other people to buy and eat. That kitchen will HAVE to be kept very clean and sanitary. clean

And it is time to be better at home. All the time. Let’s see how I do.