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The Sound of Music

playbillGrowing up near New York City offered the opportunity to experience Broadway shows. My parents took us to several and supplemented with summer play productions in area parks as well.  My sisters and I played instruments and live music performance was very much a part of our lives.

My first pop concert was in 1972; I went with friends to Philadelphia to see The Moody Blues. The music was great. The pot smoking was also memorable.

Since then I’ve been to more concerts of many music genres.  At times when I could not afford to buy tickets I volunteered to work at the venue or for the sponsoring organization and over the course of three years built up my seniority which allowed me to have early dibs on which concerts I wanted to work. In that way I got to see some major artists and only had to do some minimal effort an hour or two before the concert.

band 4bIn West Virginia we enjoyed attending an annual event across the river from the state capitol. The event combined tastes of the wines of the state with jazz music. The year the jazz all had a Latin theme was my favorite and everyone got up to dance.moving 8

Last night we went to a Jesse Cook concert in Portland. He’s a guitarist with a flamenco style that extends to other world music and his band is full of other excellent musicians as well.

Jesse Cook

Sorry for poor photo quality…cell phone cameras show their inferior mechanism in low light.

Whatever music style feeds your soul, make an effort to find some live music to enjoy. The difference between recorded music and live is profound.  As we enter summer watch for the availability of free concerts near you.