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Years ago, when Lisa was a junior in college, she spent the fall semester abroad at an English language business program in Copenhagen. She loved it so much she arranged to stay the second semester as well. Among a kazillion other things she learned, she started drinking freshly made juice from vegetables.

Some time after she returned she asked for a juicer as a Hanuka present and enjoyed using it, long before the juicing craze hit here in the US.  She brought it here since she is staying with us for a while to get some medical issues addressed and heal.  So juicing has entered my diet routine. DSC_0001

Today she pulled a bunch of things out of the frig and started to concoct a healthy lunch for us. The stem from some broccoli, 4 small beets and their leaves, 6 apples, 3 carrots, several leaves of kale and who knows what else.

She takes the ground up vegetable matter and puts it through the juicer again, getting about another cup of liquid out of it,DSC_0003

still giving us vegetable matter to put in our compost pile.DSC_0010

Together with Graham we talked about making our own V8 juice, something he likes to use in cooking from time to time. It will need to wait until next tomato season, plenty of time for me to acquire my own juicer, since Lisa will most assuredly, taking hers home with her when she leaves.

juiceYes, Graham drank it. 🙂