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Mums the Word

I made a decision that today would be a day of rest…from the craziness on Facebook. No, I did go online…..I did. But I posted my desire to share only good positive things today.pageI got 3 likes and my husband made a comment. And that was that.

So either no one did anything good for making the world a better place or they don’t care to share it. There is one more option: they don’t care about nice things.

Oh sure videos about cats and dogs are good. Tons of them on Facebook. The better to avoid the rest of the stuff I suppose because the rest of the stuff really really is bothersome.

There are┬áso many more posts about things that really truly irk people: noise on the street, being pulled over by a cop, traffic jams, children crossing the southern border of the United States, the recent Hobby Lobby decision, the war in Gaza….lots and lots of stuff on my Facebook feed.

And the shame of it is that all it is is mud. I will throw my mud. You will throw your mud. I will try to duck but I will get dirty and so will you.mud-throwing

So today, I decided no mud. I read…and I formed my response in my head…..but I did not write a word.

In a way, it is pointless. No one truly is swayed when they are so far over on the spectrum that it is amazing they even respond with words that are polite. All we are doing is throwing the mud.

Does anyone think calmly posting opposing viewpoints helps at all? Is the world a smaller place when we appear to be trying to understand each other?

Mums the Word….for the rest of today anyway.CathleenBradleyMumsTheWord

P.S. I’m cheating by posting this blog since it goes on Facebook. LOL