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Some years ago I saw a photo of a customer service representative working at his computer outside at the base of a pole with multiple wires hanging down in haphazard fashion.  It was the contrast between the modern aspect of the international service a computer permits with the antiquated electrical supply. And we thought the worse thing about customer service from India was the accent!

Within minutes of our arrival at the first Delhi hotel, Lisa and I hit the street heading to a fabric store we had heard about. We made a quick stop at an ATM a few blocks from our hotel and that is where I noticed that the wiring from that long remembered photo was not unusual.wires

On the last day, as the bus drove the long hours from Jaipur back to Delhi I noticed some electrical distribution lines that also were considerably different from the lines we have in the US. DSCF6560

In a country with a huge population and an aging infrastructure, there is a lot involved in the new Prime Minister’s promise to bring electricity to everyone in India. Good luck, Narendra Modi!