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I’ve been very busy with a project and have not had time to write, but my mind has been whirling with trying to figure out something. How much of the turmoil I have been living through is related solely to the people involved OR is their lack of clear communication and unwillingness to respond to my efforts to clarify issues a sign of a greater problem throughout American society?poor_planning_on_your_part_mug

First of all, I have learned that before I accept a project I MUST get the expectations of the group wanting my help IN WRITING. Anything less and there is too much left to vagaries.

Secondly, I have learned that before I accept a project a timetable must be agreed upon by all. That way, if inaction by parties other than me cause a delay, I have a document, with their signature, to show they fell out of compliance with the agreement. inaction

Thirdly, I have learned that any time anyone keeps saying how much they appreciate my “passion” and my “energy” they are preparing to ask more of me that first discussed.

There are always consequences for not working together well, for not explaining fully, for not being willing to participate. The boom is about to fall. dominos