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I Hate You I Want You Dead

This morning, as I scan my Facebook feed I see so much hate.


Watching the news videos of the situation in Ferguson, Missouri reminded me of the riots following Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination in 1968. Not much has seemed to change for people who feel powerless. And now the police are armed with military surplus, the better to control this kind of protest. Has there been unlawful behavior? Yes. Has there been inappropriate response by the police for peaceful activity? Yes. Is there something very fishy about the the issue that caused all this protest? Oh yes. And until the police come forward with the truth, there will be continued anger that will be displayed in a way that will cause additional turmoil.

Posted_Japanese_American_Exclusion_OrderThen I read an essay declaring that all Islam is evil and the writer will be boycotting all businesses owned by any Muslim and will be encouraging all others to do the same. While I am horrified by the ISIS activity and am angry about the way Islamic street protests in Europe and the US have targeted synagogues and churches, I am also deeply concerned by this kind of one-size-fits-all declaration of hate. It is the same emotion that hated all Native Americans and worked to kill them and then drive them to reservations, the same emotion that rounded up American-born citizens of Japanese heritage and put them in detention centers during WWII, it is the same emotion that restricted Jews from admission to universities and country clubs, it is the same emotion that holds Latinos and African Americans and all poor people as undeserving of equal opportunity.


While Robin Williams’ death caused most people to realize we just can’t really understand the depth of despair that drives someone to suicide and we need to help people with emotional illness more, some people have attacked his daughter’s Twitter account with hateful words. While I personally, even in very stressful times, seem to be able to believe in my pathway through it all into a calmer place, I understand not everyone has that level of certainty. Why add to the turmoil?  What gives you the right to make someone who is already in pain feel worse? 

So much hate. So much “mine is the only right way” attitude. That is not be a way to healing. That is the way to more divisiveness.


I have a COEXIST bumper sticker….have had it for years. While not all people are deserving of a hand in friendship, most people respond well to an attitude of acceptance and tolerance. I welcome hearing your views, but can really only listen best if the strong emotions you may feel are explained calmly. If you feel strongly that your way of thinking about something is correct and want to convince others, present it in logical steps so others can understand your rationale. You may not get any more believers but you will have communicated, not just ranted.

And stop choosing to hate…..we all have much more in common than the minor differences that seem to be more apparent. Look for those commonalities to rediscover your own humanity. And, really, in a world where so much is beyond our individual control, the ONLY thing you have 100% control over is your attitude.  And realize, if you choose the path of hate and support restricting civil rights to others here in the US, you are on the pathway to a kind of right wing totalitarian society, similar to what allowed Hitler to grow in power. Is that what you truly want? your ACTIONS show YOUR choice.attitude wordle



Too Many Inconsistencies Making Cents Only, not Sense

This recent Supreme Court decision to rule in favor of Hobby Lobby limiting their employee’s medical insurance based on religious grounds opened up a lot of gray area. Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg expressed her concern and sure enough, before the week is out we are hearing about more corporations climbing on board this decision. One apparently wants to not offer ANY birth control to employees on religious grounds now, even though they have been for years.

I am not a legal scholar and so, can not manage to wade through the briefs without my eyes crossing. Perhaps someone who is a lawyer can explain the ethical grounds that apply now to this standing by the corporation that did not exist with the group insurance policy prior to the Affordable Care  Act? Since that policy offered all the same forms of birth control, why was there no issue then?

Some people are asking why Hobby Lobby sells products made in China, where abortion is much more common to end pregnancies than here. I understand that; it is the company’s profit margin. You like to shop there for the same reason. The stuff is pretty inexpensive. So you are not considering the ethical issues of your financial support. Maybe you should.ethics depends

But I do think there is a reason to question why Hobby Lobby’s retirement accounts are invested in funds that include the very pharmaceuticals they are now decrying. I know they are investments that are strong with profits and growth. But is that moral? Or does a company that has set a standard for high ethics need to be consistent?

Or is the Almighty Dollar the one that is more important?Ethical-bank

And don’t tell me that not everyone looks at what is in their retirement fund. I worked for an investment adviser so I know you are all supposed to read the prospectus. If you chose not to, you are relinquishing control over YOUR money. Is that what you like to do?

And one more question…these arguments by the people who so firmly believe that life begins at conception……how can you explain that a corporation, a legal form of organization, is a person? No heart. No soul. I feel an inconsistency here also.

Unless, once again, the Almighty Dollar is the most important and you use any means to seek out whatever loopholes can be found. It is the law, so it is okay?  At least as long as you agree with it?

Is that ethical?inconsistency