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Some Places Just Make it Easier

Graham went to a professional seminar this past week and I needed to pick him up from the Portland Airport around 9p.m. on Wednesday.  I had no idea about traffic.

I knew on our other trips to and through Portland it seemed that a bit more than one hour would be a safe estimate for driving from our new home to the airport, but I reminded myself that Portland is a large city and you just never know, so I left with plenty of time. And of course Graham’s plane ended up being a bit late so it really didn’t matter anyway.

Well, it took me about an hour to get there. No traffic. Speed limit driving all the way in, even within the city where the highways go off and merge on hither and thither and I realize in time I will know it well and not have to depend on my GPS.portland at night

When I entered the ramp for the short term parking there was an electronic sign that said there were so many spaces available on level 4 and so many more spaces available on level 6. Wow.

On level 4, as I drove down the lane, there was an electronic sign that told me how many vacant spaces each row had, 11 here, 9 there, 12 here. As I drove down a row I noticed over each space was a light. Red over a parked car. Green over an empty space.airport Octb


Some places just make it easier.